District 1 Director
District 1 Director 386, 388

Reco Colebrooke,
P. O. Box 3146, Tupelo MS 38803
Work (662)-791-8407, Cell (662)-678-3858

Greetings to all of You my
Brothers and Sisters of the

It gives me great pleasure to come before you to tell you of a few of the new accomplishments in my area of work mainly 386 and 388.

Starting in June 2013 I went to work right away and wanted to organize in North MS with 2 new Area Locals. One in the 386 and one in 388. I contacted the most able former steward, my union sister Ms Doris Smith. I must say that if ever I needed a steward I would say that she would have to be my first choice. My love has always been for my union “THE AMERICAN POSTAL WORKERS UNION” and I am back and committed to serve the membership in my District 1 (386 and 388).

While we have an Area Local in 388 my work is half finished. The big job of bringing 386 back into focus and making North MS a great area to work and file a grievance as well. One objective is to form a membership group in 386 and 388 with a consensus to be committed to a pro APWU agenda in the workplace.

It gives me great pleasure as I attempt to pen this article and convey my gratitude to the many through my dedication and hard work which helped pave the way for success and growth in my local, state and nation union.

I come from a union family, my mother was unionist and my grandfather was a Baptist Minister, So I had to do what was right on both cases. It has been a long struggle to come to this point in my life and be in a mindset to continue to fight and reach for the best in my fellowman.

Think how exciting it would be to discover that your future depends on you and it is possible that you can and will make the difference.

This article is an attempt to let you know a few things about myself as the New District Representative for District 1.

My success/path has come at a time when the torch has been passed from a great fighter in the person of my union Sis Doris Smith. Her plight hasn't been easy but she stayed the course.

I remember when we marched together to make a difference in organizing under the direction of people like Moe Biller and William Burrus. It's not so much about where I came from as it is about where "we" are and can go from here. Today and any day is a great day to be working in a unionized workplace.

I am excited to have this new opportunity and will work to for change that will make a lasting impact for coworkers, families, communities and the workplace.

We are the future of the APWU/USPS and that is the deal.

There is so much work to be done in both the organization and the company. We must all work to make our workplace better and more desirable. While we care we must show others that it’s important that they care as well. Our predecessors understood that we are one and our success depends on all of us. An injury to one is an injury to all of us. It is by this creed that we can coexist.

Let us remember that we did not get this far along the path by ourselves.

All participants had some impact on our success and have been important in the making of the individuals we are becoming. What we face is the change that’s making our struggles become the change that will resulted in a forward progress with our eyes fixed on the goal of a better workplace as well as a better future for our families. It can’t be said in one attempt and I do thank you for being open minded and giving me your attention.

Now on to the business that is at hand. We the members of the Mississippi Postal Workers Union owe it to our coworkers to be the better person in every situation. We can make the lemonade sweeter in the drinking of it ourselves. Esteem your fellowman better than yourself. Respect you but respect your fellowman because you have learned to do so without belittling yourself.

This is a new day and you are fully in charge.

Respectfully Submitted

Reco Colebrooke District 1 MS POSTAL WORKERS UNION