District 3 Director
District 3 Director 390 - 392, 396

Jerry Moore
P. O. Box 3775, Jackson MS 39207
Cell (601)-668-1551, Work (601)-351-7229

Tri-State Training and State Convention

We held our annual Tri-State training of the shop steward on May 18, 2015, in Bay St. Louis, MS. The three states are Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. The classes were taught by our National Business Agents from each craft. We had classes on different issues that arises everyday in the work place such as discipline, holiday leave and sick leave. We also had a course on how to recognize Past Practice.

The State Convention started after the two days of steward training. The State Convention was a success, we made some constitutions changes that will allow the member at large to become delegates at the State convention, and each member should receive notification in the mail soon. We also had our State election, Sunderina Thigpen was elected the State President, and I would like to congratulate her on the victory. I invited the Executive Director of MIRA, Bill Chandler to our Banquet to speak, he is a union activist that supports all unions, and he talked about preventing privatization in the Postal Service, overall it was very productive.