District 1 Director
District 4 Director 393, 394

George Collins,
2365 Trafalgar Drive, Biloxi MS 39531
(228) 806-0121

I am George Collins and have been a member of the American Postal Workers Union since 1998 and have been a Steward since 2006.  The reason I became a steward was because a former Station Manager told me he did not care about the employees he just wanted them to come to work.  In an attempt to resolve this issue, I called EAP and started seeing an EAP Counselor.  During the first session I tried to explain the trouble we were in at work.  She suggested that if I wanted to fix the situation maybe I should become a Union Steward. 

I was installed as a Steward for Biloxi in December 2006 and have been rolling ever since.  Yes, I have made some mistakes, but I do my best to represent the Clerks and Maintenance employees to the best of my ability.  I have worked outside and inside the box to provide the best resolution available for the grievances I have filed.  I am on the phone and emailing our NBA’s on a regular basis.  I try to ask the questions to make sure the bridges I am crossing are stable and will not fall in while traveling across them.  On that subject, the Clerk and Maintenance Craft National Business Agents I have relied on are great.  The supporting cast of National Officers and others that I have called upon step up to the plate with a home run hitting bat.  Thanks to all of them, I am able to represent our members better.  Just to let them know, I will be calling again soon.  

Enough on how I got here.  I was asked if I would like to be considered for the District 4 Director position for the Mississippi Postal Worker Union at the 2015 Tri-State.  After discussing the request with my wife, I said yes.  The members at the State Convention agreed and I am now in that position.  I should make everyone aware that I have stated, and fully agree, that you should not take a job that you are not willing to perform.  That being said, I am willing to perform the job set before me.  I understand that my contact information has been mailed to a lot of people.  Should you need to contact me, it is best to text me or leave a message, because I work from 740 to 1640 Monday - Friday.  I will be happy to respond to your questions or comments at my first opportunity.  

I have been asked several times over the past few weeks about a copy of the Contract.  To access a copy of the current APWU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and the Joint Contract Interpretative Manual (JCIM) go to www.apwu.org and it can be found real easy there.  I know that everyone is aware that a new CBA is being worked on as this is being written.  

I would like to thank everyone for the vote of confidence by placing me in this position.  I look forward to talking to you in the future.  

George Collins MPWU District 4 Director