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New information from NBA Billy Woods on getting more work in the crafts here.

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2016 Tri-State and MS State Convention to be held June 6 through June 10. Get all the info here

New info from Jerry Mcllvain about PTF transfers here.
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Update from President Dimondstein


As a quick update, since the MOU has been signed on March 20th, there have more than 1800 clerk craft PSEs converted to career. In addition, management's initial numbers shared with us indicate that over 1000 Clerk PTFs (close to 10% of the PTF workforce) availed themselves of the one-time opportunity to transfer to a full-time position within their Districts. We are in discussion with management regarding the process for filling PTF vacancies.

There are over 850 residual vacancies posted on the June 1st E-reassign, so we certainly expect more PSE conversions as the process continues.

Republicans "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" syndrome????

And the WINNER is ... see here

Dimondstein Discusses Postal Finances on Radio, TV with Ed Schultz

Questions & Answers about May 23 Retirement Incentive Payment here

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Chairman Issa’s Latest Scheme...see more

From Billy Woods, National Business Agent

PSE's converted to "career" are entitled to orientation as career hires....See more

From Maintenance HQ Update

RMSS Questionnaire for Retesting

As you know the Union was successful in National Revised Maintenance Selection System (RMSS) Arbitration recently. In order to identified affected employees, we created attached questionnaire for your useage. Completed form are to be sent to or mailed to the maintenance Division in DC.

From Jerry McIlvain, National Business Agent

Attached please find the latest copy of the Exchange. The Exchange is an electronic newsletter that is published quarterly in... See more

From Billy Woods, National Business Agent

In the Labor/Management meeting DM Johnson had two issues...See more

From Shawn Page, MPWU Legislative and COPA Director

Midnight at the Postal Service.

As a tour one career postal worker, I work in the middle of the night at a mail processing plant in Grenada Mississippi....see more

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You can do this....Log onto to, scroll over ‘Departments and Divisions’, move to ‘Departments’, and then click on ‘Industrial Relations’, on the right side of the page click on ‘Stewards Corner’, then scroll down to ‘Grievance Forms’.  That should take you there….

Or just use your very own Steward's Resources page to get them anytime you need them.

The "Stewards Resources" is a new page added to help stewards with forms, manuals and training materials.

From Billy Woods, National Business Agent

"See the latest and greatest Steward Manual attached compliments of Joyce Robinson, Research and Education Director. Enjoy in good health." See more

Legislative Update

John L. Marcotte

American Postal Workers Union
Legislative and Political Director

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) & Legislative Fast-Tracking

The AFL-CIO Opposes the Baucus-Hatch-Camp Fast Track Legislation (S. 1900/H.R. 3830).

The United States and 11 Pacific Rim nations—Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan—are negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Global corporations have had too much influence in the process and working families may once again get left behind like other free-trade agreements.

Fast Tracking would allow the President to negotiate—out of public view—as many trade agreements as he can during a given time period and send them to Congress which may only then vote yes or no on the agreement.

This is a terrible attack on workers’ rights and continues the race to the bottom as far as wages, working conditions and living conditions for the working class.

Attached is a picture from protest next to the US Capitol that the APWU attended with other union and community groups to oppose negotiations behind closed doors and one way trade agreements that have gutted our industrial and manufacturing base and the good jobs it supports.

President Dimondstein provided bus transportation and attended the event with many of your national officers.

Well done.