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President's 2017 $52 COPA Club*

This is a club EVERY member should belong to because it’s so easy to join; it only costs a person $1 per week!

The proceeds go towards COPA, the Committee on Political Action, a political action committee (PAC) that supports electing politicians who fight for the causes we believe in; good paying jobs, good benefits, and the civil right to join a union and engage in collective bargaining.

The corporations have a different idea about our rights. They have their PAC’s lobbying Congress everyday on their behalf to limit worker's ability to have good paying jobs, good benefits and the right to join unions.

We all know what that means.

It means they are lobbying Congress to cut you out of your job, your pension, your health benefits and your right to work and form a union.

Who do you have lobbying for you on your behalf?

We have COPA!

Join the President's 2017 $52 COPA Club today so YOUR voice can be heard!

Put your name on the list.

Like President Dimondstein says,

"Stand Up and FIGHT!"

Mail check for $52 (include your EIN or SSN) to:

Patricia Lampley
P. O. Box 17343
Hattiesburg MS 39404

COPA solitcitaions are restricted to APWU members including retirees who pay retiree dues and their families and executive or administrative personnel of the local union and their families. Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from outside the restricted class and that such contributions, if made, will be returned to the donor.